Chiaki Kushimoto
Food professional, Bread Baker, Instructor & Owner of Bread Baking Class “pique-nique”
After awarded the Le Cordon Bleu Pastry Diploma from “LE CORDON BLEU TOKYO”, served as a confectionary & bread baking staff at a French restaurant in Tokyo. Expertise at bread baking based on confectionery.
Now Chiaki engages with broad range of food related activities, such as Tour guiding for “City Walking x Bakery Tour”, offsite bread baking workshops, organizing the food related events, Teaching and Article writings as well as running the “pique-nique” bread baking classes.

About Bread Baking Class

In our classes, we use Shirakamikodama Yeast from the Shirakami-Sanchi, the World Heritage Site in the northern Japan. Each participants will be mixing and kneading their dough. At “Pique-nique”, we value the joy of hand making and the touch of seasons, using the domestic strong flour with Shirakamikodama Yeast, Cane Sugar and natural unrefined salt and different recipes every month.
Our lessons will start from kneading, then proceed to fermentation, dividing, bench rest, Shaping, final fermentation and baking.

City Walking x Bakery Tour

Hosting the walking tour to visit bakeries and confectionaries to introducing the local gorumet in each town, such as Kamakura, Tsukiji and Ginza.

Main Activities

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白神こだま酵母でパン生地を作り、クリスマスの雪と楽しさをイメージして、宝石のようにきらきらとしたクリスマスリースパンを焼きあげます。 ご自宅用としてはもちろん、パーティーへの持ち込みにも喜ばれること間違いなし!